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Welcome to Barbados Class!

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Autumn Term 2 Topic: Jungle Fever

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Our topic this half term is “Jungle Fever”. We will begin by discovering different famous jungles/ rainforest's in the world and researching who lives here. We will delve deeper into habitats by looking at endangered and extinct animals and why certain human actions/ necessities are harming these lives. In English we will be producing our own textbook on rainforests which will include facts and figures. Following this we will be writing a persuasive letter to the Head Teacher of Ferring CE Primary School. Barbados Class will be using their informed knowledge of current rainforest destruction and animal endangerment to raise awareness. Furthermore, these letters will highlight specific, easy actions we can take within our school which can contribute towards a global difference.

Jungle Fever - Topic Homework:

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This will be issued with our English and Maths weekly homework every Thursday. However, this term all homework is due back the following Wednesday. Due in dates are provided on the homework sheets.

Autumn Term 2 - English and Maths weekly Homework:

Homework is issued every Thursday and due back the following Wednesday. Homework club takes place on Wednesday lunch times if you need it.

Week 1:

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Week 2:

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Week 2:

Click here to access Week 2 English and Maths homework.

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Weekly Spellings:

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An assessment of spellings is currently taking place. We have completed this assessment to ensure your child is receiving spellings which challenge and progress them adequately. Therefore, spellings will not be issued until these are completed and reviewed.


Children will be tested week beginning 12th November 2018.

We had our first Djembe Drumming Lesson!

It was such lovely weather so we took our music learning outside!

Barbados Class Djembe Drumming Concert!

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We had our first Art and Design lesson!

To begin our printing journey, we focused and experimented with the technique of Direct Printing.

Definition of Direct Printing:

The process of printing textiles and natural objects by layering them in ink and pressing them with  rollers onto a piece of paper to visualise their unique patterns. 

After understanding the definition, we took our discovery outside our year 4 classroom to collect a range of leaves. We then independently used these within lesson to create our own Direct Printing art work.

Look how great they turned out!

Our Greek Vases!


Show and Tell

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