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Algeria Homework

Week beginning: 17/9/18

  • TOPIC                                                                        Set 18/9/18   Due 25/9/18


Country Poem

Write a poem about a country you know well. This can be the country you started to research last week or can be any other country you want to write a poem about.

Decide whether you are using a particular structure e.g. verses, a rhythm and a rhyming pattern and make this clear. Include information that will clearly identify the country you are describing in your poem. (e.g. mention places, rivers, people, foods, famous landmarks).


CHALLENGE: Find a poem about or from the country you have chosen written by another author and copy/stick into your homework book.

NB: If researching online, make sure you include ‘for children’ in your search question to make sure you find an age appropriate poem!

  • GPS            Parts of Speech Activity              Set 18/9/18   Due 25/9/18

Identify the different types of words used to make a sentence.






  • SPELLING                                               Set 22/9/18  Tested 3/10/18     


  • Maths - Arithmetic Test 3                          Set 21/9/18   Due 26/9/18




Please complete Test 3 in your Maths homework booklet. Ideally, this should take no more than 30 minutes. If you complete it before 30 minutes is up, spend time checking your answers for accuracy.

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