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Algeria Homework

Week beginning: 5/3/18

  • Topic Homework                                                                   Set 6/3/18    Due 12/3/18

    Independent Research Plan

    • Begin to write up some sections in sentences – you should use your own words as much as possible.
    • If you are presenting any part of your research as images or models, begin work on these. Look carefully at how to present your information in a clear, effective, imaginative way. Don’t forget your goals are to inform about historical events and explain why your chosen event(s) is/are important. If you can also make your project entertaining and attractive, all the better!


  • SPELLING - NC Common Exception Words List 3 

    Click on level to download homework task sheet.

  • GPS - 10-Minute Test Book 1
  • Set B Test 3

  • Maths - 10-Minute Test Book 1
  • Set B Test 2

  • Reading - 10-Minute Test Book 1
  • Set B Test 2