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2016 past SATs papers

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Ciao and welcome to Italy Class!

I hope that you had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our red hot topic for this term.  We will focus on the Great Fire of London and what life was like during this time period. I hope this subject will ignite the children’s imaginations and spark some creative and exciting learning experiences.  We will touch on who Samuel Pepys was and learn about the importance of his diaries. We will of course be doing much more and as ever I will be relying on your support with homework projects and daily encouragement.  I have noted below a more detailed outline of the work I have planned.


In the classroom, we now have a reading wonderland.  Children will begin in the 'bottom land' and in order to move up the island, they must read 5 times a week. Each time they move up and island they will get a reward.

We noticed a dip in children reading at home towards the end of last term.   It is crucial that you support your child by reading regularly at home to help achieve their potential. Variety in reading is so important.


Our library slot is on Mondays.  Please ensure that your child returns their Library book each Monday.  If they would like to take the same book out, that is fine but they must have it re scanned so that our Librarian, Mrs Pratt, can keep a record. 


P.E. will be on a Tuesday afternoon and a Thursday morning. Please ensure children have correct kit: plimsolls/trainers, shorts/joggers, P.E. top and appropriate tape to cover up piercings. 


My planning, preparation and assessment time will be covered by Miss Willard on a Tuesday afternoon and a Thursday morning. 


The homework this term is very broad. You must create/make/design something linked with The Great Fire of London. This could be anything from a firefighter’s wagon, an old Tudor house or even a model of burning London. Be ready to present this to the class towards the end of term.


In maths we will be continuing with our multiplication and division and moving on to shapes and fractions. We will also work on our number bonds, addition, subtraction and counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s. 


In English we will look at fire poetry and publish our own poems on this theme. We will study the life of Samuel Pepys; a significant historical figure in 1666 and read his diary entries. After looking at his diaries entries will write our own as if we were alive during The Great Fire of London. We will write newspapers on tea stained paper as if we were reporters in 1666. We will also be creating and practicing a drama performance based during the Great Fire of London and perform the to the class.  


In Science we will be predicting, investigating, testing and evaluating a variety of household materials such as wood, plastic and fabrics. We will test to see what happens when we heat up chocolate and understand how materials can change when they are heated.  We will also consider flammability and test water resistance.  


Each child will create a burning Tudor house for our class display board. We will recreate The Great Fire of London as a collaborative class art piece. We will also compare housing in the 1600s to housing now. Using watercolor and other materials we will create a silhouette of burning London in 1666. As we learn about how the fire began in a bakery, we will make bread and taste it. 


In ICT we will be using laptops and iPads, along with software such as Word, PowerPoint, Paint and Publisher.


In PSHCE we will understand that we belong to a community and we will help to make the class a good and safe environment to learn in. We will also learn about fire safety, write questions to a firefighter, discuss the effects of fire on the outside environment and draw escape routes from the classroom if our usual door was blocked.


Our topic will be heavily history based and will focus on The Great Fire of London. We will look at London on a map, learn about the various myths as to how the fire started, why the fire got so big, how London was evacuated and destruction it had on London. We will also learn about what happened after the fire and how it changed safety regulations.

If you have any questions or would like to chat further information about any of these subjects, then please come see me or book an appointment with the office.

Many thanks

Mr B Patrick 

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