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Courtesy and Manners


Our School Council led a series of lessons in their own classes to find out how their peers feel about courtesy and manners in school.

They began by carrying out a couple of questionnaires with all of the children in their classes.  The children had to respond to a variety of questions about how they view their own efforts to be courteous and show good manners to other people in school, rating themselves from 1 - 5 for each question (1 suggesting they are not so good at that particular example of good manners and 5 suggesting they are very good and do it all the time).  

Click the image below to read the data they collected and to find out what they thought about themselves.  



Then they had to do the same again with another questionnaire but reflecting how courteous and well mannered they thought other children were.  

Click the image below to read the data they collected and to find out what they thought about eachother.


Our Councillors also asked the children what courtesy and manners meant to them and what sort of examples they could think of that would be expected in our school.  They came up with some very sensible ideas.  The final part of the project for the School Council was to turn the ideas everyone came up with into a set of 'Courtesy and Manners' rules.  They reported the rules back to their classes and they can now be seen all around the school.  We are very proud of our children and how polite they are.  We are sure this will help them to focus on showing everyone how courteous they can be.

Click the image below to read the Courtesy and Manners Rules which they have written.  

Well done to our School Council for their hard work with this project.  It is very valuable to the school.