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Home Learning

Click on your child's class country to find the Home Learning activities for them.

All classes will have the following expectations with regards to home learning:


  • Maths - MyMaths lesson (available on will be available daily (children have log in details) (Years 1-6)
  • Maths - Times Tables Rock Stars to be carried out daily (children have log in details) (Years 2-6)
  • Reading - Children should read for pleasure daily
  • Reading - There will be a minimum of two reading based tasks set per week
  • Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar - One task and one test to be carried out per week (tests will be accessible on website - children have log in details) (Years 1-6)
  • Writing - There will be one writing task per week (this could involve daily activities; some tasks may last two weeks)
  • PE - Click HERE to find links to some PE/activity based learning 
  • Science activities and experiments.  Click HERE to find some fun ideas to try at home.
  • Individual teachers/classes may set additional activities (Science, History, Art etc) - so please keep checking class home learning pages
  • Home learning for Reception Class children will look slightly different to the above - all details will be on the France Class home learning page
  • Click HERE for some useful tips during these uncertain times.  Click HERE for some boredom buster ideas.
  • **NEW** - We have a new page dedicated to additional English reading and writing opportunities.  Feel free to take a look,  it includes the SUMMER READING CHALLENGE.  Click HERE to find out more.


****A message about Home Learning****

  • With the further partial reopening of school following Government guidelines there will be a change to the home learning on offer to some of our children from Monday 1st June 2020.

    With Mrs Darkin, Mr Swindells, Mr Virgoe and Mrs Teakle teaching our Reception, Year 1 and Key Worker children in school full time they will no longer be able to provide the detailed, creative range of home learning activities previously available.  Therefore, children (and adults) still working brilliantly at home in Reception Class, Year 1, Year 3 and Year 6 can continue their home learning using the Oak Academy and/or BBC Bitesize websites.  As well as this the Science and PE pages are still available to take some learning opportunities from.  In addition you can click HERE for a link to the Barefoot website which has many Computational Thinking activities you can do with your children.  Although linked to developing computing skills, these are largely about problem solving and do not depend on the use of technology.  There are some fun things to try!

    The teachers have really enjoyed engaging with you about your work via email and our class pages.  Unfortunately it will be incredibly difficult for them to maintain the same level of communication about work being done whilst planning and delivering the teaching and learning in school.  Please do understand that if they are unable to respond to emails or display work being done it is not because they don’t value that communication, but because their workload priorities are now back in school.  If you have an urgent email that requires a response it would be advisable to email it in to the office so we can ensure it gets to the teacher if need be.

    Thank you so much for your understanding with this developing situation and for your continued efforts at home.  Home Learning for children in Years 2, 4 and 5 can continue as normal for now.

  • Remember, whether we are still providing lots and lots of learning opportunities and resources on our website for you to use or directing you to Oak Academy or BBC Bitesize you must still not feel like you have to do EVERYTHING all of the time. We continue to appreciate and value whatever you can have a go at.  It is equally important that you enjoy other types of learning which you can do away from the computer and away from what we have set.  What you must not do at this time is worry – just have a go!  
  • Continue to look after yourselves and each other - your health and well being are the most important factors.




  • First News is a UK newspaper for young readers. It is published in a full colour tabloid format every Friday, and aims to present current events and politics in a child-friendly format, alongside news on entertainment, sport and computer games.
  • We have made them available as a weekly download.  Please feel free to download them to provide your children with additional, relevant reading material.  Just click HERE to access the weekly publication.


**Please note - if you have any questions about the Home Learning available to your child please email and a teacher will respond as soon as possible.  Alternatively, teacher/class emails are available on the class page.**

France Class - Reception

Holland Class - Year 1

Italy Class - Year 2

Hawaii Class

Australia Class - Year 3

Barbados Class - Year 4

Singapore Class - Year 5

Algeria Class - Year 6