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Summer Term Week 13: 13th - 17th July 2020

Our lovely Leavers in their hoodies! Don't forget to send in a photo of yourself for our page. 

Hope to see you at our final Zoom meeting at 3.45pm Thursday 16th July :)

Advice for New Y6 Pupils


At our Zoom meeting on 3rd July, I asked if our Leavers could think of some good advice to give to Y5 pupils coming into Y6 in September.  

Can you provide some helpful tips to help Y5s have a happy and successful Year 6?


Record yourself (or ask someone to video you) giving your advice and then either upload onto Tapestry or email the video to me at

All classes are now using Tapestry Learning Journals to keep a record of all your brilliant home learning achievements. Parent should have log in details to your journal to upload photos, documents and videos of your activities across the curriculum. I will use the comment boxes to feedback on how you are doing. I will try to respond as soon as I can. :) 

Contact me or the school office if you do not have a Tapestry log in. 




I will update this page as often as I can now that I am back working full-time in school and also respond to your emails and any Tapestry posts.

Please keep sending in your work and your photos and I will post them on this page under the 'Excellent Job' and 'Extra Curricular' zones below. :) 


For Daily English and Maths Lessons, choose one of these two online learning websites. 

I strongly recommend selecting and following just one of these options consistently over the week to ensure a coherent learning progression. Please do send in any work - or upload onto Tapestry - whatever programme of home learning you choose. I will feedback on all work you send in, no matter what it is! :) 


 Oak National Academy schedule consists of a daily video lesson on English, Maths and a foundation subject with follow up activities that can be completed online. This is an excellent resource and offers a straightforward and streamlined curriculum ideal for busy parents. 


 BBC Bitesize home learning schedule also provides daily lessons in English, Maths and foundation subjects supported by videos and follow-up activities that can be downloaded/printed to be completed at home. This is also an excellent resource.



  Fantastic Maths work on MyMaths by Ilana, Matthew, Eleanor & Harry! Impressive Sumdog Maths from Luke, TomSienna  and Amelia

I have set MyMaths activities for you to try. These are NCT-style Maths questions based on units of work we have covered in Year 6. Feel free to log in to MyMaths for some Maths challenges! :)



Reading Planet

For online reading activities, go to 'Reading Planet', which is a library of e-books that you can read online and take part in quizzes related to the book. Everyone has been assigned a library of 12 books to choose from, fiction and non-fiction, which will appear on your account when you log in.

You can read these as part of your Reading for Pleasure time or for reading comprehension practice (or both).  

Bookworms may read as many of the books in their account as they wish! 

Click here for link to log in to Rising Stars Reading Planet.  Centre Number: 210487

Reading Extension Activities: Classic Texts

The activities below are reading comprehensions based on extracts from classic children's books which will help to extend your reading experience.

Download and complete for a reading challenge. 

Upload photos or scans of your work onto Tapestry or email to


This week, check out some of the poetry of Benjamin Zephaniah. He writes and performs poems for adults and children in a spoken language style (like Michael Rosen) using the rhythms and idioms of Jamaican English. In 2008, he was voted one of Britain’s top 50 post World War II writers, in a poll by the Times newspaper. 

Click the image to the right or here and here to find out more about him. 

Click here for the text version of Talkin' Turkeys! Benjamin Zephaniah is a vegan.

Click here for the text version of Dis PoetryClick here for a powerpoint to go with the poem.

Click here for a text version of Football Mad. Benjamin Zephaniah supports Aston Villa FC. Click here for his 'Ode to Aston Villa'

Huge Congratulations to Matthew,  Eleanor and Harry for impressive scores on the 2019 GPS Test on!  



For those missing GPS (like me), I have set the 2019 GPS Test for you to try on Hurrah! 

Feel free to log into by clicking onto the image to the right and try out your GPS skills. :) 

Click for link to log in page.

Miss Squires has created and Additional English Page with lots of links to even more English activities!          Click here to see what else is on offer!




On 15th April 1912, a cruise ship called 'The Titanic' sank with great loss of life. Although this happened more than 100 years ago, it remains a famously fascinating and tragic historical event -  and it would have been our topic this half term. 

I have collected together some videos, documents, useful websites and photographs for you to research the facts about this notorious disaster. If you feel inspired to create some work of your own in response to your findings about 'The Titanic', that would be awesome! 

You could choose to focus your English activities on these resources instead of lessons through Bitesize or Oak Academy this week - it's totally up to you.


Ideas for Titanic response work:

  • Diary entry from a Titanic passenger
  • Information Writing about the Titanic.
  • Newspaper article/interview
  • Poem
  • Art work
  • Model making
  • Reading Comprehension (see files) 


Upload any Titanic work (documents, photos, videos) onto Tapestry for feedback or email to 

Link to CBBC Video about child survivor Eva Hart
Link to Titanic page of Royal Maritime Museum website Link to BBC Bitesize webpage about life on board The Titanic
 All about the Titanic information powerpoint.pptDownload
 News Report The Titanic is sunk.docxDownload
 Newspaper Report The Titanic Comprehension ANSWERS.pdfDownload
 Newspaper Report The Titanic Comprehension.pdfDownload
 Newspaper Report The Titanic Vocabulary.pdfDownload
 Newspaper Report The Titanic.pdfDownload
 The Titanic fact cards.pdfDownload
 Titanic Eye Witness.pdfDownload
 Titanic Facts.pdfDownload
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PSHCE Focus:


With just 4 weeks left of primary school, you all now have your sights set on your new schools and on the secondary phase of your education. I know that your high schools have been keeping in touch with you and sending transition ideas, videos and work for you to complete at home. Although we at Ferring are sad to wave you goodbye, your high schools are really looking forward to welcoming you! 

Mr Ryan has found (and created) some additional transition booklets for you to download and complete as part of your preparation for your next big step. If you would like to take a look at these and use the questions and activities to help you get ready for September, please feel free - and let us know if they have been helpful. :) 


Ferring CE Primary School is one of 250 schools in Sussex competing in the Virtual Sussex School Games.

Congratulations to all who have already signed up to take part!

Not registered to compete but would like to? Click here for details of how to register and what this week's sports challenges are.


      Specsavers Virtual School Games Sports Star Sibs: Stan & Mack, Ralph & Ellie, Thomas & Grace:) :) :) :)      

The Ferring School Home Learning web pages now have a dedicated Science area created by Mr Virgoe here with ideas and activities to help you continue to develop your scientific knowledge and skills at home. The current Year 6 Science topic is Evolution and Inheritance. Check out the resources on the Science page for this. Don't forget to send any photos, scans or documents of your work into for feedback and celebration. :) 

The Natural History Museum

Take a look at these resources from London's Natural History Museum! 

Click on the images on either side to find a tree identification key so you can classify trees in your neighbourhood or experience a virtual tour of the museum's most famous exhibits. I love the Natural History Museum - it's probably my favourite museum ever and has been since I was little (and that's a really long, long, long time ago)! 

Link to the National History Museum's Tree Identification Key Link to Virtual Tour of the Natural History Museum

Spectacular Skies!

For those interested in all things sky, space and astronomy, check out these two links. On the left, click for a video about types of clouds produced by The Met Office ('Met' is short for Meteorological which is the scientific name for 'weather'). On the right, click for a link to a fascinating and informative website which updates us on what to look out for in the night sky in our local area, Telescopes ready? :)
Link to video by the Met Office about types of clouds Link to info on the night sky in our area from

Click for link to the UK Space Agency webpages

NPL (National Metrology Institute) has teamed up with the UK Space Agency to set this year's  Rocket Science competitions. Usually, these are water rocket challenges open to all school age children (primary and secondary) with a focus on engineering and measuring skills. This year the challenges are virtual, the competition online.

Space Rocket Design Challenge

Go to the NPL webpage to find out how to enter the above competition and click on the image above for a video link to get your ideas going for this challenge! 

Click here for more info about the NPL Space Rocket Challenges for school age children. :)


Try out these home learning activities from Barefoot Computing. On their website it says:

'Computational thinking is about learning to solve problems, with or without a computer. These problem solving skills not only support the computing curriculum in primary school, but also play a part in other subjects, from maths to PE, and can even be applied in everyday life!'

Sounds like a must for anyone missing Mr Ryan's Computing lessons! :)

Click on the image on the left for a link to the Barefoot Home Learning page.  


Ocean Hero is a search engine to use when browsing the internet, like Google, but this browser pledges to help clean the world's oceans of plastic rubbish every time you use it. Ocean Hero works with other eco-organisations to pay people living in some of the poorest regions for plastic waste they have picked from their local shores and taken to a recycling centre. For more information about the Ocean Hero search engine, click on their webpage and on the link to a video explaining how Ocean Hero works. 

Thank you Chloe for suggesting this as a way we can use home learning to create a cleaner, greener world.

Click here for Ocean Hero Search Engine Click here for Video About How Ocean Hero works

Modern Foreign Languages

Language Nut

Log in to Language Nut to explore vocabulary learning games for up to 22 modern foreign languages!

Click on the log in image for the log in page.

If you need me to resend your account name and password, email me at

Some of the fantastic work you have sent in - check it out!

Fabulous English, Maths, Science, History, Art, English and Computing work from Sienna, Sammy, Stan, Chloe, Thomas, Eleanor :) :) :) :)  

What have you lot been getting up to?

Send in your photos and videos of your exploits, activities and creative experiments - all the things you do (apart from school stuff) that are all part of your home learning adventures. 


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