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Home Learning Barbados Class


If you would like to contact me at any point, please email me at:

If you are uncertain or have questions about work set for you or would like to email images of your work for me to see, then please use this form of contact - I would love to see what you have done. Using this method of communication would allow me to have the ability to respond and provide feedback to your home learning.



  • Writing
  • Maths 
  • Reading for pleasure 
  • Times Tables


  • Guided reading X2 
  • SPAG X2 (task+test)
  • Sky's additional activity (Art, Music, History etc.)


Bullet-points written in red are activities which the children should self-initiate daily.
I will not be checking/ setting these however, I do expect these to be completed.

Note for Parents:

Other options should you need/ want to follow them:

BBC Bitesize

Oak National Academy

Hi Parents of Year 4 children. From Monday 4th May 2020 onwards, I am asking everyone to upload their children’s work to Tapestry. This will be consistent across the school and all class teachers will be using the same platform to monitor work. You should have received an email/parent-mail to create an account. If you haven’t yet, please contact:

This platform is where I will be responding to all work sent in. Through Tapestry, I am able to provide feedback and support as well as celebrate work on either a 1:1 personal level or through a whole class view. This will help all children and families to see brilliant work throughout the week, opposed to at the end. This means your child’s work may encourage other children in our class to work with the same effort and motivation as them. Therefore, positive praise and encouragement can become more consistent. Tapestry also allows all children’s work can be kept in a protected, organised system therefore, making monitoring and assessing more efficient when returning back to school.

Any question or concerns you have regarding this, please feel free to email me.

As you all may have seen in my email to you, from Monday 4th May 2020, we are trialling 'Reading Planet' by Rising stars for our two reading comprehension tasks. Within my email I detailed your child's login details. Please use this to gain access to the site. You may also need the school code which is: 210487

Reading Planet allows me to set electronic reading books for your child which are specific to their current ability. Once they have finished reading their e-book, the site will compose comprehension questions for your child to answer. These answers are logged and stored and I am able to assess this data and therefore, see their improvements over time.

To begin with, I have set the whole class KS1 reading books to allow them to become familiar with the site. This will progress into KS2 as they become more confident with this new way of working.

   As you experience this reading platform, please feel free to let me know your thoughts and opinions. Both positive and negative opinions are welcomed so we, as a school, know whether to implement it across all year groups or not. 


Summer 2 - Week 6's Daily Superstars!

Character descriptions!

Lockdown poems!

Evie M's Lockdown Rap!

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Click the image to watch my goodbye message. 

Year 4, it has been an absolute pleasure!

Friday 17.07.20

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Thursday 16.07.20

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BBC Bitesize:

NHS Disney:

Joe Wickes:

Cosmic Kids Yoga:

The PE Shed:

Wednesday 15.07.20

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Tuesday 14.07.20

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Monday 13.07.20

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Target Tables:

Click here to be redirected to the timestables website where you can select your target table/group to test yourself.

Click here to access an online countdown/stopwatch timer.

Target table columns (Monday-Friday):

2's     3's      4's      5's      6's      7's      8's      9's      10's      11's      12's

Target table test (Friday): Remember, you have 100 seconds = 1 minute 40 seconds, to complete this test.

2's     3's      4's     5's      6's     7's      8's     9's      10's     11's      12's

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ORCA's Education:

Lesson 1:

Introduction to whales, dolphins & porpoises

Lesson 2: 

How do whales dolphins & porpoises feed?

Lesson 3:

Voices of the deep

Lesson 4: 

Incredible Journeys Part 1

Lesson 5:

Incredible Journeys Part 2

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