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Home Learning Singapore Class


I wanted to say a few words to end the year and say goodbye.  Thank you for being a fantastic class! I will miss teaching you!

Have an incredible fun filled summer holiday!

Dear Parents and Carers of Year 5,

Welcome to the FINAL week of the Summer Term! I am so proud of Singapore Class and all the wonderful home-learning they have been doing and how you all have worked so hard together during these uncertain times! Thank you for being SUPERSTARS!  As it is the final week of term, I will be setting more creative, fun-based activities for your child to do to help them wind down to the summer holidays.  Please see each section for details of the activities. The activity set for English this week is for your child to have time to write their letter to their new teacher so they can tell Mrs Teakle all the important things about them. Please send them to Mrs Teakle at: 

I have loved teaching the pupils in Singapore Class and I am sad that I won't get to end the year with them in class.  Thank you to all of you for continuing your child's education at home among all the other activities and work needing doing!  You have been AMAZING, thank you!  I want to say a goodbye to the pupils so I will be uploading information about this later on in the week. 

Thank you to you and your child/children for their hard work each week to do their best! I hope you all have an AMAZING final week!

Kind regards,

Miss Squires


Usually at this time of year Pete Gwynn would be working with some of the Year 5 pupils on training to be PALs (Play Active Leaders).  Instead, he has sent us a pack that the Year 5 children can work on at home to try and develop their PALs skills, as pupils would normally be participating in this activity this half term to learn the important skills needed to be a Play Leader.  This pack can be downloaded below along with the video which pupils can view to learn about what it is like being a Play Leader and what a Play Leader does. If you would like to be chosen to be a Play Leader in Year 6 please complete Activity 2 in the Play Leader's pack, writing your application letter addressed to Mr Ryan, Miss Squires and Mrs Teakle explaining why you want to be a Play Leader and why you would be good at it.  Please send your application letters to where we look forward to reading your applications ready to choose our Play Leaders for next year in Year 6.

 Play Leader Pack with Training Tasks.docxDownload
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Maths Activities and Resources:


MyMaths activities (available on have been set this week with a twist.  Pupils can use their maths skills to take part in maths games and challenges - good luck! Login to MyMaths for further details.

Please contact Miss Squires at: if your child doesn't have their login details.

White Rose Resources:

In each tab you will find a FRIDAY FAMILY MATHS CHALLENGE which involves a mixture of maths skills.  Why not try one of these with your family this week.

Times Tables Rock Stars:

Why not have fun practising your times tables using Times Tables Rock Stars. Click on the link to open the web page:

Children should have their log in details but if they don't please email Miss Squires at:

Activities and Resources to help pupils with their Times Tables knowledge:

Please click on the link to visit Oxford Owl's Times Tables page:

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 Multiple Mazes x2.pdfDownload
 Multiple Mazes x3.pdfDownload
 Multiple Mazes x4.pdfDownload
 Multiple Mazes x5.pdfDownload
 Multiple Mazes x6.pdfDownload
 Multiple Mazes x7.pdfDownload
 Multiple Mazes x8.pdfDownload
 Multiple Mazes x9.pdfDownload
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 Multiple Mazes x10.pdfDownload
 Multiple Mazes x11.pdfDownload
 Multiple Mazes x12.pdfDownload
 Times Table Grid.pdfDownload
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English Reading:

Reading for Pleasure:

I would like pupils to continue to read for pleasure this week recording the book title, number of pages read and the author of the book.  These details can be recorded in their Home Reading Diaries.  If pupils cannot find their diary they can log this in the back of their Home Learning Book.

Pupils can choose books from home as well as from books set online on 'Reading Planet'.  These can be fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts. The books can be in paper or online formats.  Newspapers, graphic novels, research done online all count as well as poems and play scripts.  First News Issue 14 is available below for pupils to download and read. A good test to check if a text is at the right level for your child is the five finger test:

English Reading Activities:

Our subscription for Reading Planet ends on 17th July as it was set up temporarily during this period of school closure. It is still available this week for your child to use.
There is a program you could use called Bug Club which gives access to online texts and is free to access but does require registration.  Here is the link to the site:
Click on the 'Request free access to Bug Club during school closures' and it will take you to a form to fill in. Select 'parent' and this should give you access to the online books for your child at home. 
Here are a few other websites which might be useful for your child to access online texts during the summer holidays:


All children’s audiobooks are available for free while schools are closed. Registration is not required.

Elevenses with the World of David Walliams

One free audio book reading is available to listen to every day. Registration is not required.

The Reading Agency

The Summer Reading Challenge takes place during the summer holidays. This year, their challenge features extra special characters designed by the award-winning author and illustrator Laura Ellen Anderson. Registration is required.

Please also visit the 'Additional English Page' which can be found by going to the main home-learning page on the school website and clicking on the 'Additional English Page' link which can also be found here:
On this page you will find information about 'The Summer Reading Challenge' and other activities and resources your child can take part in.  There are also useful website links and a message from Ferring Library with details about the range of free reading resources available.

This week 'Reading Planet' is still available for pupils to use and read at least one of the books which I have assigned them and complete the quizzes linked to the book chosen. I have uploaded a range of fiction and non-fiction texts for you to choose from. You can read more than one book if you have time.  Your child may want to read another book or text of their choice instead of using the Reading Planet program resources and that is fine too!

Reading Planet:

The 'Reading Planet' website can be accessed by clicking on the URL below. 


First News:

There are also some super activities linked to the First News newspaper issues.  Below I have uploaded the latest issue of First News, along with the Reading Comprehension Activities, Puzzles and Quizzes linked to the issue. There are Bronze, Silver and Gold challenges to choose from so you/your child can choose their level of difficulty. Within the newspaper there are also lots of activities the pupils can do linked to the news articles written within the issue.

First News Issue 14 - 10th July - 16th July:

 First News - Issue 14.pdfDownload
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Activities, Puzzles and Quizzes linked to First News Issue 14:

Please download the documents you want by clicking on the Download button.

Reading Comprehension Activities linked to First News Issue 14:

Below are three reading comprehension activities linked to Issue 14 of First News. 

There is a Bronze, Silver and Gold Challenge so you/your child can choose the level of difficulty.

 1.Bronze comprehension - Issue 14.pdfDownload
 2.Silver comprehension - Issue 14.pdfDownload
 3.Silver comprehension with answers attached - Issue 14.pdfDownload
 4.Gold comprehension - Issue 14.pdfDownload
 5.Gold comprehension with answers attached - Issue 14.pdfDownload
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Puzzles linked to First News Issue 14:

Below are three puzzles linked to Issue 14 of First News.

There is a Bronze, Silver and Gold puzzle page so you/your child can choose the level of difficulty.

 1.Bronze puzzle - Issue 14.pdfDownload
 2.Silver puzzle - Issue 14.pdfDownload
 3.Gold puzzle - Issue 14.pdfDownload
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Quizzes linked to First News Issue 14:

Below are three quizzes linked to Issue 14 of First News.

There is a Bronze, Silver and Gold Quiz so you/your child can choose the level of difficulty.

 1.Bronze quiz - Issue 14.pdfDownload
 2.Silver quiz - Issue 14.pdfDownload
 3.Silver quiz with answers attached - Issue 14.pdfDownload
 4.Gold quiz - Issue 14.pdfDownload
 5.Gold quiz with answers attached - Issue 14.pdfDownload
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For all the past First News Issues as well as the Comprehension Activities, Puzzles and Quizzes which link to these issues, please click on this link: FIRST NEWS


It would be wonderful if you/your child took part in 'The Extreme Reading Challenge'.  All the details about this competition are outlined below with a gallery of photographs of the entries sent in so far.  Mrs Teakle and I have taken part and the competition extends to the adults as well as the pupils. Please download the competition details below:

 Extreme Reading Challenge Competition details.docxDownload
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Please send you Extreme Reading entries to: 

or upload them to your Tapestry profile. I can't wait to see them!



English SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) activities:

We have signed up to the 'Grammar' and 'Spelling' section on Sumdog and I have set some challenges you can try this week or you might just want to explore the Sumdog Grammar and Spelling games yourself this week.

If your child doesn't have their Sumdog login, please email me at: 

There will be no SPAG test set this week.

English Writing Activities:

As it is the last week of term I would like you to spend time planning and drafting your letter for Mrs Teakle to tell her all about you.

Please send your finished letters to Mrs Teakle at:

Letter to Mrs Teakle information:

 Letter Writing Task.pdfDownload
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Session 1 Resources:

 1.Bronze letter planning sheet.pdfDownload
 2.Silver letter planning sheet.pdfDownload
 Letter planning template.pdfDownload
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Session 2/3 Resources:

 1.Letter Writing PowerPoint.pptmDownload
 2.Formal Letter Display Poster A4.pdfDownload
 4.Letter-to-my-new-teacher-2020 drafting ideas page.pdfDownload
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Session 4 Resources:

Online dictionary and thesaurus for checking spellings and for help to include adventurous language in your letters:

Spelling Quest Fairy-tale Land Lists:

Please click on the image below to navigate you to the Spelling Quest lists.

Spelling Quest Fairy-tale Land Templates:

 Spelling Quest test templates.pdfDownload
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Spelling Games and Resources:

 Look-Say-Cover-Write-Check Template.pdfDownload
 Spelling games.pdfDownload
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Activities and resources to support your child's wellbeing:

Below are some wellbeing resources for pupils to use including a story which can be read with your child.  Reading it with your child may help them with their worries and it is attached below if you would like to read it to them.  It  is not advised that they read it on their own. I hope you and your child are keeping well and managing in these uncertain times. Please do get in contact when needed. I can be contacted at:

 My Hero is You, Storybook for Children.pdfDownload
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Mindfulness Colouring Activities:

Everyone needs a calm moment now and again. Colouring is an activity that sparks the logical and creative aspects of the brain into action. If you think of colouring like a mental exercise, then you're keeping your brain active and improving coordination. These mindfulness colouring pages are a great way of focusing your mind on a relaxing task. Print out the colouring pages you wish to do for when you might need a quiet moment.

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End of Term Activities:

Please complete the 'My Favourite Memories Task':

All the resources needed can be downloaded below:

 1.My Favourite Memories Activity Page.pdfDownload
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PE Topic Activities:

Week 7 Summer Term 2 PE-themed task - Old School (Skool) Sports Day Theme

This week the topic tasks link with PE and the 'THE SPECSAVERS 'VIRTUAL' SCHOOL GAMES 2020'.

Each week the pupils have the chance to complete for Ferring CE School against other schools in a range of sports.  

All the details of how pupils can take part can be downloaded below with details of how to register to take part. This is a brilliant way to encourage children to take part in daily exercise which is good for the body and mind.  Below is a rundown of how Ferring have got on so far.  I would like as many of you as possible to take part in the challenge in this final week. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

Please click here to see how Ferring C of E School have done in each of the weekly activities.


All the information about how to take part can be downloaded below:

 1.Specsavers Virtual Sussex School Games 2020 Competition Details.pdfDownload
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Music Resources:

To support schools with free content, so you can deliver musical learning during this period, Rocksteady Music School want to invite you and your child/children to a free weekly, Live Stream music lesson. Please download the invite below which has all the details about 'Music Mondays':

 Introducing Music Monday - Rocksteady Music School.pdfDownload
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Free Music resources from West Sussex Music Service:

 Music on the Menu - Free Music Resources.pdfDownload
 Music on the Menu - Music Resources 2.pdfDownload
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Links to websites who offer additional home-learning activities and resources:

BBC Bitesize:

From Monday at 9 o’clock, they’ll bring you new things to do, videos and fun stuff to learn every weekday.

Oak National Academy:

This is an online classroom and resource hub. They provide video lessons and learning resources. These cover a range of subjects including Maths, English, Art and Languages.


Each day you'll find a new set of daily activities to get involved with. Qualified teachers will provide book readings, live lessons, positive news updates and more. They'll be bringing you activities from their partners too, to help fill your days and offer some much-needed variety. Activities will be listed the day before - giving you enough time to get prepped and set up for the next day's learning.

Tapestry has been purchased for this period of home-learning for all pupils in school.  Please visit to access this site. Please upload your child's home-learning to Tapestry each week to share with me the tasks and activities your child is doing so I can give feedback on the work they are completing. If you haven't already, please follow the instructions from the mail sent to you by the school office about setting up Tapestry. If you have any difficulties using this site then please let me know. I am still available by email ( for any queries you have or if you need help with anything.  Work can still be emailed to me rather that uploaded to Tapestry if you prefer.

Home Learning sent in by Singapore Class Pupils:


Your Letters from Lockdown

Thank you for your letters from lockdown to explain what life has been like for you and for your super messages for your classmates!


Brilliant Discussion Text Writing by Singapore Class:


Please send in your artwork for uploading to: 

Excellent Life Cycle Research to create these Life Cycle Diagrams by Singapore Class:


Click on the link below to play the super Scratch Video created by Kaiya C all about frogs:

Excellent Diary Entries inspired by 'Floodland' by Marcus Sedgwick:


Annabelle and Claudia Clarke have designed this brilliant 'Water Facts' quiz for you to have a go at. 

Please click on the link to do the quiz and see if you can become a millionaire!


Home-Learning Photo Gallery:

Thank you for the brilliant photos to show me all the brilliant things you have been up to!

I would love to see and share with others all the wonderful things you have been up to during this time of home-learning!

Please email your photos to:

Rivers PowerPoint created by Jack E from his excellent in-depth research:

 River facts Jack.pptxDownload
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Useful Websites:

Here are some websites you may find useful in supporting your child's learning:

BBC Bitesize Maths:

The School Run (some of the maths your child will do at school explained):

Maths Made Easy:

Oxford Owl:


For as long as schools are closed, this company are open.  Kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, that will help them continue reading, dreaming, learning, and just being kids. All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

Shaun’s Game Academy:

Shaun the sheep website which teaches children how to make online games. Suitable for whole school

Cbeebies Games:

A variety of educational games. More suitable for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 but useful to recap prior knowledge.


Website full of educational resources. A month’s free access has been given as school’s are closed.

Setting up is really easy to do – go to  offer and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

Oxford owl:

Website with lots of educational games. Suitable for all.

BBC bitesize:

Website with lots of educational games. Suitable for all.

Reading Eggs:

Register for a free trial and get 2 weeks free access to reading resources. Suitable for all.

Joe Wicks You Tube Channel:

For daily PE workouts for pupils.

Nasa Kids club:

Children’s website about all things space. Suitable for all.

Education Quizzes:

Education quizzes on different subjects. Suitable for all.

Corbettmaths Primary:

Maths work for KS2.

Robin Hood:

Work for Year 5 and Year 6

Jump Start Johnny:

Physical Education for all Year Groups


This website are giving free access.


Premier league primary stars. English maths sports and well being for 5 to 13 years olds.

My Mini Maths:

Maths work for Year 3 – Year 6

Prodigy Maths:

Maths Game/Questions for all Year Groups

Previous Home Learning:

To Find the Home Learning from w/b 6/7/2020 please click HERE.

To find the Home Learning from w/b 29/6/2020 please click HERE.

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