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Hawaii Class

World Premiere of 'Welcome to Hawaii' video written by and starring some extremely talented pupils! Huge thanks to Mr Virgoe, our Green Screen Guru and incredible editor! :) 

Haiku Poetry

Skyscraper by ST

Skyscraper reaching for clouds

Green leaves all around

High rise and narrow.

What am I? by HW

In the midnight sky

I glow up bright and shining high

Make the lake shimmer.

What am I? by CS

I'm swift but deadly

Trying to catch my mini prey

Many eyes stalking

What am I? by AT

Fluffy furry tails

Waggling and waving Whiskers on me

Round green eyes staring

Trees by IA

Woosh,woosh in the wind

Small leaves falling, winter naked

Men come, brown paths left.

Fluffiff! by LT

Like white soft pillows

Feels like marshmallows, sizable

They blow in the wind.


       FPS News 3.7.20                   FPS News 3.7.20                FPS News 3.7.20         

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     FPS News 8.6.20                   FPS News 8.6.20                  FPS News 8.6.20      


’Strict’ by Michael Rosen                                                                             29th June
 We have been enjoying the brilliant poetry and performances of Michael Rosen, who has recently recovered from coronavirus. Inspired by Mr. Rosen, we decided to create our own version of ‘Strict’.

Bridge Building Challenge                                                                                                     7-8th July

A DT challenge: to build a weight-bearing bridge to span a distance of at least 50cms made only from paper, string, elastic bands, tape and glue. Here is how Hawaii Class pupils solved the design problem . . .

'Welcome to Hawaii'                                                                                                          15-25th June

This has been an English project which has included researching facts about Hawaii, turning information writing into scripts, rehearsals and performances, prop making, film making and just a tiny bit of dance! 

          Welcome to Hawaii film at top of page! Enjoy!          

Hoop Flyers                                                                                           8-24th June

Our Science mini-topic is 'Flight' and we have been exploring different types of paper flying machines. We made and tested paper hoop flyers (see FPS News special to make your own at home). This involved DT as well as Science as well as quite a lot of Maths: measuring distances accurately to 2 decimal places and finding mean averages. How can you tell that our teachers are the Science and Maths Subject Leaders?? 

Hawaiian Sunsets                                                                                                                 8-12th June

 We developed our pastel work to include careful blending to create sunset skies in this art project. They are decorating our classroom windows at the moment but we thought you'd like to see them. :) 

Social Distancing Chalk Designs                                                                                          3-5th June

To make sure we could make a socially distanced line to come into class from the outdoor area, we measured out paving slabs to stand on so as to keep ourselves and others safe. To personalise our places, we used chalks to create some pavement art. We explored different pavement art designs and learnt more about this fascinating form of ephemeral street art. Ephemeral means temporary or short-lived  - and in this case, 'lasting until the first shower of rain'!