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International Schools Award Info

The International Schools Award is a programme run by The British Council, an organisation that promotes international studies and cross-cultural exchanges. The ISA can be accessed at several different levels: Foundation, Intermediate, Accreditation and Reaccreditation. Ferring CE Primary became an Accredited International School in 2011. We gained Reaccreditation in 2014 and in 2018.

The best place to go to find out more details as to how to apply for and obtain International Schools status is the British Council Schools Online International School Award webpage here.    

 An element of the reaccreditation process is to work at promoting the International Schools Award for other schools and to support other schools' applications for International Schools status through The British Council schools award scheme. On this webpage, we hope to include information and templates for programmes of study that will assist your school to make an ISA application. In addition, Ferring CE Primary School welcomes enquiries from schools seeking the ISA and is very happy to offer examples and advice for projects and ideas to support successful applications. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in gaining the International Schools Award - we'd be delighted to help!


The first thing you will need is an International Schools Policy and an International Schools Coordinator. It is really helpful if the whole school - staff, pupils, parents and governors - is willing to embrace an international approach and ethos  and that the ISA Coordinator is given opportunities to organise training and planning meetings where everyone's ideas, resources and international contacts and links can be shared. The British Council International Schools' Online webpages provide excellent resources to support initial action plans and applications. It also provides ideas, templates and exemplars to assist schools to develop their own international dimension.

 The British Council Schools' Online website also offers a range of resources to support schools to find international partner schools, also a key element in applying for the International Schools Award. This is a useful page here

 Below are some documents and examples of plans that have informed Ferring CE Primary's quest for ISA Reaccreditation this year which may be helpful. Also included is a pdf version of our successful ISA application/impact evaluation from 2014 and 2018.

 Autumn 1 Geography MTP Algeria.docxDownload
 Holland afternoon 16.7.18.docDownload
 International Schools Award Action Plan 2017-8.docxDownload
 International Schools Policy 2018.docDownload
 R Planning France.docxDownload
 rieen11892-58182-203147 2014.pdfDownload
 rieen40471-58182-203147 2018.pdfDownload
 Singapore lesson plan week 1.docDownload
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We have thoroughly enjoyed the journey of the International Schools Award and this summation of its impact on our school is taken from our current ISA application.


Impact on Teachers

Teachers thoroughly enjoy opportunities to broaden the curricula they are teaching by including international themes though all learning activities. The whole-school international focus means that annual topics/activities/events can be varied regularly so they remain stimulating and fresh in terms of both teaching and learning. As Ferring now has an established tradition of being an International School, teachers automatically look for opportunities to include an international dimension to their planning across the curriculum. All teachers are enthusiastic about creating links with other schools and our focus for the next phase of our international work is to match all classes with a school in a different part of the world. Like the pupils, Ferring staff are now so acclimatised to global themes within their planning and teaching that finding ways to connect learning in all areas with different cultures and countries feels like normal and expected practice.

Impact on Pupils:

Pupils at Ferring Primary School are immersed in international themes throughout the whole of their learning and this is fundamental to the fabric of their educational experience. This has now reached a point where pupils do not distinguish between 'ordinary' and 'international' activities! Most of their topic work, their class names and special events throughout the school year have a definite international flavour which, to them, now just seems like school as normal. Their Y5/6 toilet area is even twinned with a latrine block in Afghanistan! The international dimension is clearly evident in most areas of school life. Pupils surveyed can cite a wide range of 'favourite' international activities over the course of a year - there is something that appeals to everyone from poetry and stories, to filmmaking, to cooking, to Science experiments. Pupils of all ages are always enthusiastic and interested in projects that involve communicating with or learning more about people in different countries and discovering more about the wider world they live in. They develop a sense of strong connection to their class countries and over the course of their time in Ferring Primary School, will have developed good knowledge and close understanding of up to 7 different countries. Pupils at Ferring School also display great tolerance for and keen interest in other cultures and are always confident to share their own personal experiences of difference and similarity with their class mates.

Impact on Community:

Ferring Primary School receives excellent levels of parental and community support for fund-raising projects and whole school events inspired by international learning activities. Parents support pupils participation in topic work, special event activities and fund raising associated with international themes, which are very common in the school. Ferring pupils are confident to discuss international themes and activities they are promoting with their families and with members of the wider community during presentations and events.