Autumn Term 2017


Reception Parents' Six Weeks in Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended the Six Weeks in Meeting.  It was a lovely occasion and the children really seemed to enjoy having breakfast with their friends and family.  Thank you also to representatives from SOFSA for making an very early start to the day to prepare and serve the breakfast and to all the people that contributed to the meeting (especially Vinny and Jasmine our JRSOs).  We hope you found the meeting useful and informative.

Y6 Cake Sale

 Our enterprising Year 6 children held a cake sale in the playground in order to raise funds to purchase their traditional Y6 hoodies.  Other fundraising events will take place as they attempt to earn enough money to cover the cost of the hoodies in time to wear on the residential journey to PGL.  This was a very successful event with the cakes 'flying off the shelf'.  In total they raised £162.00.  Well done to everyone involved.  We look forward to the next event.

KS2 Christmas Extravaganza Rehearsals

The children in South Africa, Italy, Singapore and Algeria classes have been busy rehearsing for the KS2 Christmas performance.  So far so good!  We are sure the show itself will be fantastic because of all the hard work the children and adults have been putting in to it.

KS2 Christmas Extravaganza

 We were right!  What an amazing show.  Variety entertainment at its best.  Well done everyone in KS2.

Christmas Discos

The fabulous festive fun continues - with our KS1 and KS2 Christmas Discos.  Thank you to everyone who helped to organise them. A great time was had by all.

French Christmas Morning

All the children across the school spent time with other teachers this morning as they enjoyed our annual French Christmas morning.  There were a variety of activities including games, singing,Sudoku and art that taught children about French language, culture and Christmas.  

Spring Term 2018


Book Week 2018

Book week was another successful event this year.  The children engaged in many reading based activities and, as usual, were the authors of a whole school combined effort story.  There will be a competition to name the story after Easter and the children will be choosing the best front cover as well.  The book character dress up day was great fun and the children looked fantastic during the parade and throughout the day.  The day was completed with the story telling afternoon with the adults in school choosing a story to read to children that chose to come to their reading session.

Science Week 2018

This year our Science Week took on an international theme.  Each class studied the work of a famous Scientist from another country.  They researched their work and created fact files about them.  They also turned their classrooms into Science Labs to carry out a range of experiments and investigations.  As usual the children were engaged and excited to enjoy such hands-on activities as the developed their investigative skills.

PGL 2018 - Y6 Residential Trip

Our Year 6 children, and staff, are having a fantastic time at Marchants Hill.  Despite the snow in which they started their adventure they seem to be getting on with enjoying the events so far.  It appears they have had a snowman building competition (which is not an activity they have had the opportunity to do in past years!).  Campfires, fencing, abseiling and problem solving also seem to have been enjoyed so far.  And so the fun continues.... 

Sport Relief 2018 - A Marathon-a-day

 All of the children from Year R to Year 5 (as Year 6 have been on their residential trip) have contributed to running the length of a marathon every day during Sport Relief week.  In fact, they have actually clocked up a distance of 28 miles per day, more than the 26.2 mile distance of the London Marathon.  This has been a fun and energising challenge every day which the children have risen to brilliantly.  They have been collecting sponsorship for their efforts and we look forward to receiving them and making our Ferring contribution to some great causes.  Well done and thank you to everyone. 

Summer Term 2018

Tough Mudder

A number of children took part in a brand new to Ferring School sponsored event.  The 'Tough Mudder' saw children having to take on a variety of challenges including running through hoops and tubes, crawling under cargo nets and bouncing through ball pits.  They received a stamp every time they made it successfully around the course and there were a number of children that were covered in stamps by the end.  Their energy and commitment to the event was amazing and as a result they managed to raise a considerable amount to support the school.  Our thanks go to 'Active8 for Kids' for running the event and to SOFSA for also helping to organise and run the event and provide refreshments for everyone.

Money Matters 2018

This year we have had another very successful Money Matters event.  All the classes had to create products that they could sell in order to raise funds for St Barnabas House in memory of Mrs Mortimer.  They had a budget to purchase materials but had to be able to create a profit.  There were some lovely products for sale and in total we raised over £480.  Thank you to everyone that attended and spent money and well done to all the children.

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